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Additional Needs...

I offer therapies for adults and children who live with physical and learning difficulties, whether you are an amputee triathlete or suffer with anxiety as the result of autism.


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"I really enjoyed my massage. I felt ready for whatever the rest of the day could throw at me. Can you come again, please!?'
Amanda James ACIB, Accountably Hamble

Oh feeling 'normal' .....which is quite rare. Even if it's short lived, it's wonderful. Thank You X
M. Rees Has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS / ME)

"We have used Revive for a few years now and have found that Samantha has been very successful at relaxing the guys, giving them individual attention and massage specific to their needs. All the guys have learning disabilities and Samantha works very well in catering for their individual needs."
Debra Cleave Senior support staff at Hibernia Independent Living Group home

"As a competitive triathlete, I punish my body regularly with the volume of training I do. Sam's massages really help me recover from the hard sessions. She can feel exactly which areas need treatment and applies the perfect amount of pressure accordingly. I would recommend Sam for all types of body massage."
Clare Powell Team GB triathlete

"I have number of medical problems, but Sam provides a perfect antidote and her massages leave me feeling like a young woman
Heather Sandell


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